Artists aren’t born famous. The image and reputation of an artist must be created, empowered and kept day by day for getting a successful long term career that makes them shine as stars in the pop culture. Aylón Public Relations works closely with agents and managers, representing also a wide range of personalities from musicians to cinema, TV and theatre actors and actresses, filmmakers, producers, screenwriters, script writers, writers, athletes, models, designers, stylists, entrepreneurs and politicians; supporting also diverse production companies, movie and TV studios, record labels, entertainment companies and media conglomerates. 


Aylón Public Relations designs, implements and contrasts customized strategic public relations plans and communication campaigns to meet the needs and objectives of each clients. Emerging and established artists, and personalities achieve a successful creation, development and improvement of their physical and social media image as well as to build or even recover a lost or damaged reputation. 

Aylón Public Relations protects its clients' image and reputation, through crisis management. Nothing is unattainable. Even impossible situations can be managed through the use of an overflowing creativity and the understanding of target audiences making negative perceptions even become positives. Aylón Public Relations, in special, takes advantages of its national and international media relations, creating solid connections with fans while clients' values are preserved. The firm also provides: celebrity appearance, media training, tour and event support, endorsements, speaking engagements, charity causes support and social and business projects guidance.