Aylón Public Relations understands each client as unique, providing customized and strategic public relations campaigns designed to meet the objectives of each client. Aylón Public Relations supports, represents and guides its different clients during the major national and internacional festivals as well as the firm provides: red carpet management, awards seasons support meeting media and several opinion leaders, publicity campaigns organization for entertainment projects and event publicity strategies during film campaigns for independent and distribution films, even tour supports.


Aylón Public Relations generates social, digital and traditional public relations campaigns in all the entertainment industry areas, working in releasing and introducing new record labels, TV networks, TV programs, specials, quiz shows, series and other shows; as well as keeping and promoting them under the viewers' election and a great impact in the traditional and social media. The firm is also involved in DVDs releases, album launches, tour and concert support, press releases and press tours, keeping in all the stages a great relationship and engagement with the media.