Aylón Public Relations develops integrated strategic programs based on public relations and marketing to reach the particular objectives of each client in a customized way. Aylón Public Relations brings together in the same point the interests of emerging and prestigious brands and the interests of a wide range of target publics, always within the framework of pop culture. For this, Aylón Public Relations manages different publicity strategies and tactics to preserve and boost the image and reputation of its clients, as well as carries strategic communications out including crisis management, messaging development, perception management and brand enhancement by target public segments.


Aylón Public Relations offers fashion, beauty and jewelry brands a wide range of services including strategic media plans for different levels of traditional, digital and social media networks; product launches, designer introduction, brand launches and re-launches, collection launches, social media management, press kits and EPKs, media drops, celebrity outreach, stores and pop-up stores openings, show and event media management, showroom support, front of house and backstage media management, guest list management, invitation coordination, guest check-in and seating management, media training and product placement.


Ranging from hotels to restaurants, casinos, cinemas, nightclubs, retail and pop-up stores, gyms, spas and beauty salons, Aylón Public Relations gives a wide publicity for its clients permitting them to achieve their target audiences through celebrity appearances and visits, opinion leaders reviews, media and interview schedules, experiential events and creative generation opportunities news releases in order to position public hospitality facilities into the top ranking lists .

Every fashion, jewelry and leather goods brands, beverage and food enterprise, beauty brand, automotive brand or retail store can make use of event productions as an useful tool for achieving their goals.


    Aylón Public Relations plans, develops and executes from product launch events or service launch events to openings and charity fundraising events that generate the perfect publicity to achieve the requested knowledge a charity cause or a brand needs to find the desired supports and benefits. 


Celebrities and influencers are one of the more effective channels to ensure that a brand gets the attention and desired knowledge. 


 Aylón Public Relations selects in a strategic way the most suitable celebrity for linking him or her with a brand and being taken to red carpet events, launching parties, premières, openings, galas, festivals, concerts, fashion shows, charity events or awards; as well as their daily lives through endorsements and sponsorships.